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Options for Production Staging for a Low Energy Neutrino Factory

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26 Oct 2011, 13:50
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A low energy neutrino factory (LENF) is defined, for the purpose of this report, to accelerate a muon beam to a total energy in the range of 10–14 GeV, and store it in a decay ring directing a resulting neutrino beam to a detector 2200–2300 km distant. The machine should be ultimately capable of producing 10^{21} decays toward that detector per year of 10^7 s. We consider such a neutrino factory to be the accelerator defined in the Interim Design Report (IDR) of the International Design Study for the Neutrino Factory (IDS-NF), modified to remove the final stage of acceleration, possibly modifying the remaining acceleration stages to adjust the final energy, and replacing the decay ring with one designed for the lower energy and shorter baseline. We discuss modifications to that design which would reduce the cost of the machine at the price of a reduction in neutrino production, down to as low as 10^{20} decays per year. These modifications will not preclude eventually upgrading the machine to the full production of 10^{21} decays per year. The eventual cost of a machine which achieves the full production through a series of lower-production stages should not exceed the cost of a machine which is immediately capable of the full production by more than a small fraction of the cost difference between the full production machine and the lowest production stage.
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BNL-96512-2011-IR, IDS-NF-AWG-005
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