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Surface Inspection of the MERIT Primary Containment Chamber

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Kirk T McDonald
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Kirk T McDonald
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05 Jan 2012, 17:30
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The Mercury Intense Target (MERIT) Experiment was conducted at CERN in the fall of 2007. It successfully demonstrated the feasibility of using a free-stream mercury jet as a target in a Neutrino Factory or Muon Collider facility. This targetry concept continues to be developed in several areas, including magnet design, shielding and cooling, and mercury handling. Subsequent to the MERIT Experiment, an analysis was performed which suggested that high-velocity mercury droplets ejected from a jet by impact from a proton beam could cause surface damage to a stainless steel container in close proximity to the interaction region. Some of the results of this simulation are shown in Figure 1. Because of this analysis and the ramifications it could have for future designs, it was felt that inspection of the MERIT jet primary containment vessel was warranted. This note summarizes the inspection results.
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