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MASS preliminary recommendations for MAP Initial Baseline Selection

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Following the mandate of the Muon Accelerator Staging Study (MASS), a preliminary set of recommendations on possible staging options for a realistic and cost optimized implementation of muon based facilities at Fermilab is provided below for consideration and possible validation by the upcoming MAP Initial Baseline Selection (IBS) process.
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By the MASS working group: C. Ankenbrandt (FNAL), A.Bogacz (JLAB), S,Brice (FNAL), J.P.Delahaye (SLAC), D.Denisov (FNAL), E.Eichten (FNAL), D.Hartill (Cornell), S.Holmes (FNAL), P.Huber (VT), D.Neuffer (FNAL), M.A.Palmer (FNAL), R.Ryne (LBNL), P.Snopok (IIT/FNAL)
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