Muon Accelerator Program (MAP)

U.S. Department of Energy

Muon Accelerator Program DocDB Statistics

This page shows statistics about the Document Database, such as how many Documents, Revisions, and Files are in the DB.

Total number of Documents: 105
Total number of Revisions: 183 Number of File Entries: 176
Total Active Revisions: 155 Actual number of Files: 144
Average Versions per Document: 1.48 Average Files per Revision: 0.93
Average Files per Document: 1.37
Number of registered Authors: 99 Number of possible Topics: 10
Authors of one or more Documents: 64 Number of Topics used: 9
Number of Authors on all Revisions: 368 Number of Topics on all Revisions: 305
Average Authors per Revision: 2.01 Average Topics per Revision: 1.67
Average Documents per Author: 3.30 Average Documents per Topic: 19.48