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A 1-GeV Accumulator Ring in the Booster Tunnel

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Milorad Popovic
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Milorad Popovic
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18 May 2012, 10:07
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18 May 2012, 10:07
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This note describes a concept for a storage ring in the Fermilab Booster tunnel to accumulate 1-GeV beam
from the Project-X H
Linac. The ring is made out of permanent magnets, and its primary purpose is to
accumulate beam for the Booster. The concept is flexible with regard to linac beam structure. The beam
intended for the Booster is accumulated into stationary buckets at ~47 MHz during ~1 msec. (This is much
simpler than trying to inject “on the fly” into the ramping Booster.) The beam is then transferred bunch to
bucket in a one-turn extraction into the Booster. For the rest of the Booster cycle time of 66.7 msec, the
permanent magnet ring can be used to accumulate and store beam for other purposes. The ability to chop
bunch-by-bunch in the linac creates many opportunities to package beam for different users in the proposed
storage ring. For example, the stored beam can be used for a Pulsed Spallation Source, for a muon-toelectron
conversion experiment based on a 100-Hz FFAG ring (Prism/Prime), and/or for a pulsed beam for
Short Baseline Neutrino Experiments. These specially packaged beams can be used either directly or after
acceleration in the Booster.
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