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Adiabatic muon cooling channel with Li lenses and high field solenoids

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Valeri I Balbekov
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Valeri I Balbekov
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13 Jul 2012, 10:51
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Muon cooling channel is considered including: Li lenses for final focusing and ionization cooling of muons; 30-50 T short solenoids and 4 T transport solenoids for adiabatic matching of the lenses; 100-200 MHz linacs for acceleration.
Ionization energy loss of muons is about 100 MeV in each lens of length 1 m, at average beam momentum 190-250 MeV/c.
It is shown that transverse emittance 0.060-0.07 mm and transmission about 80% are achievable in the channel including 9-10 lenses. It is shown that particles loss caused by fast growth of longitudinal emittance is the main constraining factor.
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